Getting Started

with an ePayables Supplier Opportunity Analysis (SOA)

It's Time to Analyze the Financial Backbone of Your Health Care System

There is no question that your suppliers play a crucial role in your health care systems' long-term success. That's why having a formalized system in place to track and evaluate your suppliers'  information, and performance is essential to smooth operation and profitability of your health care system.  This is where HealthSpire comes in!

Once HealthSpire requests and receives your health care systems required vendor master file data fields this SOA will provide your health care system with the following information:


  • Overall facts of vendor master data received
  • Total accessible and inaccessible spend targeted for ePayables
  • Recommendation of discount term suppliers
  • Strategy for pharmaceutical, telecommunications and utility companies
  • Accounts Payables Best Practices strategies documented to ensure health care system cash flow growth while being sensitive to your supplier base including local and diverse business relationships
  • Financial outlook & impact for supplier conversions to ePayables
  • Direct cost savings - check cost reduction analysis data
  • Supplier onboarding strategy tailored to your health care system and led by the HealthSpire Team

HealthSpire will undoubtedly discover opportunities for direct cost savings and revenue generating opportunities that will help your health care system continue to thrive and succeed in the long-term.

Fill out the Supplier Opportunity Analysis (SOA) Submission Form below, and one of our Supplier Analysts will contact you promptly to begin the next steps.  Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

Supplier Opportunity Analysis (SOA) Submission Form

Tell us about your health care system and be sure to specify any specific information we should know in advance.**

**The information provided in SOA submission form will open up discussions between our companies to begin the supplier analysis.  Filling out the form above, your health care system is not obligated to use HealthSpire to implement an ePayables solution.