HealthSpire HEART

Are Your Health Care System's AP Processes in Tip-Top Shape?

What is HealthSpire HEART?

HealthSpire HEART is defined as the analysis and diagnosis of a health care systems AP processes performed by our team of experts.  This process is standard and part of the services we perform for all our prospective clients.

By making AP processes more efficient, our HealthSpire HEART process will identify areas to help improve your health care systems payment efficiencies, provide a terms adjustment strategy, focus on reducing the number of check run days, reduce or eliminate paper check payments, slash direct accounts payable costs and generate a NEW source of earning revenue.

The value of the HealthSpire HEART process is unique and should not be overlooked.  The value to your health care system will be priceless.

The Analysis Process Made Easy

HealthSpire Heart Process Flow Graph

Get Started with a Supplier Opportunity Analysis (SOA)

It all starts with a thorough Supplier Opportunity Analysis (SOA) of the performance and payment processes of your Vendor Master data. HealthSpire's experienced team will review, analyze and provide you with the best accounts payable recommendations to help your health care system continue to thrive and succeed.