63% of health care systems have been working diligently to upgrade their accounts payable systems.

HealthSpire will guide your health care system on accounts payable best practices and will work with your team to lead efficient and streamlined payment solutions.

How HealthSpire Can Help

HealthSpire knows health care and our experienced team works with you and your team to generate a new source of revenue while also cutting direct costs to your health care system using innovative technologies that pay suppliers electronically and timely.

Pain Relief for Health Care Systems

We step in to guide your health care system on accounts payable best practices and work with your assigned team to lead to efficient payment solutions.
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AP Best Practices to Lead Success

Working alongside your health care system, we guide you through every step with of our unique approach to achieving maximum program revenue generation and cost-cutting benefits.
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HealthSpire Heart

Our HealthSpire HEART process identifies areas that will improve your current payment capabilities, slashing direct accounts payable costs to generate a new source of earning revenue.
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Why Healthspire?

HealthSpire believes suppliers are the backbone of any health care organization and it’s critical to protect and nourish those relationships for overall success.

We help guide CFO’s to pay their suppliers timely, faster and electronically to preserve those relationships and the people it serves.

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How Do I Get Started?

With Our Supplier Opportunity Analysis (SOA)

If your health care system is seeking to achieve maximum accounts payable efficiencies, streamline payment processes and timing of payments, generate a new source of revenue($), cut direct check payment costs all while improving supplier relations, then HealthSpire is here to help you.  It all starts with a thorough Supplier Opportunity Analysis (SOA) of the performance and payment processes of your Vendor Master data.

HealthSpire's experienced team will review, analyze and provide you with the best accounts payable recommendations to help your health care system continue to thrive and succeed.